We keep privacy of our visitors as our prime focus and hence take special care for securing any vital details. This record is all about what sort of personal information has been collected and how it’s used and secured.

Form of Information Collected by Us

Each time a visitor registers on our site, we request them to enter their personal details from the form of name, email identification, shipping address and telephone number. This helps us to enhance users encounter and provide them with greater services from time to time.

Web Cookies

Deser.ORG will use cookies in order to keep a monitor on user’s preferences along with the pages they often visit. This is done to be able to enhance their expertise and provide them with rich content and precise info.

How the personal information of traffic Is Used

The data we get in the time when users register with us is further used for processing their orders and answering their queries. The personal details provided by our visitors enable individuals to serve them according to their interests by maintaining with them marketing communicating, sending them promotional material along with an updated info of products of their interests. Your information helps us in processing orders quickly and improving website features for ensuring greater experience for you.

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If you subscribe to our newsletter, we keep you updated with fresh info via email. This will allow you to enhance your knowledge with no hassle. However, you are able to pick out of the subscription anytime by mailing us. To be able to make sure all personal details remain procured from any danger, we’ve enacted special security systems. The info is being used only for the purpose of order trade and for updating the consumers with newest updates.

Contact Us

If you would like to ask anything about our privacy policy, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.